GRE AMERICA and GENERAL RESEARCH OF ELECTRONICS, INC. (Japan) - Invites your participation in order to provide assistance with the design / development and manufacturing of your electronic and RF data communications products. GRE America is a leading privately held developer of RF data communications technology and products. GRE America was established in 1979. The extensive resources of General Research of Electronics, Inc (Japan) also support GRE America. As a world leader in communications R & D, GRE America also manufactures private label, OEM / ODM, industrial and consumer electronics for many of the worlds leading electronics companies.



GRE America's specialty is RF data communications as applied to the field of land mobile, marine, satellite, telephone, telemetry, pagers, transceivers, scanners, video, SCADA, Wireless LAN (802.11, 802.11b/WIFI), OEM RF Modules (2mbps, 11mbps) and computer systems. GRE America is staffed by graduate engineers in these Fields, along with an experienced technical, sales, and administrative support group. GRE America also has working alliances with many Consultants / Integrators who are experts in their respective Fields ; thus complimenting the GRE America staff.



GRE America also provides engineering services to update existing Products by incorporating current state-of-the-art technology and / or to reduce product costs to existing design concepts or products. Dedication to this basic research and development has kept GRE America at the forefront of Technology in the communications and computer fields. We have also made commitments to continue this Leadership with the very best of personnel, facilities and equipment. GRE America has the ability to take a project from the initial concept stage through complete production, including engineering drawings, specifications, test procedures, prototypes, pre-production samples, and / or full scale manufacturing. GRE America has an extensive engineering laboratory equipped with the latest and most advanced Test equipment.


General Research of Electronics was established in 1961. GRE Japan has been manufacturing private label industrial and consumer electronics for more than 43 years, exporting all over the world. GRE's principal line of business is in Designing, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Products that include:

* VHF, UHF/FM, HF/SSB, AM. FM fixed/desktop, Mobile, Hand Held and Marine Transceivers.

* Programmable Scanning Receivers (Analog, Digital/Trunking)

* Automatic direction finders, Depth sounders, and other Marine products.

* Data console unit and data terminal equipment, CATV, DBS (satellite receivers), Video equipment, Cordless telephones, Computer Networking systems, PCS, VDSL/ADSL and other communication equipment.

* GPS Navigation Systems.

* LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Modules.


For more information or to place an Order Please contact our OEM Department at:

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Facsimile (650) 591-2001
GRE Japan
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Tokyo, 108-0073 Japan
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